Pure Enjoyment in northern Upper Rhine Valley

  • Landau
  • Karlsruhe
  • Baden-Baden

Beginning in the northern part of the Upper Rhine Valley in Southern Palatinate, the first tour then leads past Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden through the Baden wine region into Alsace.

Day 1

  • Breakfast at Hofmarkt Zapf in Kandel, D [9]
  • Tip: make a detour to the fortress town of Germersheim (city tour)
  • Visit the Doktorenhof Vinegar Farm in Venningen, D [1]
  • Visit the Vinothek Par Terre in Landau, D [5]
  • Tip: the Art Nouveau Festival Hall in Landau is definitely worth a visit
  • Tip: visit one of the more than 200 wine festivals (free app at www.pfalz.de/app)
  • Overnight stay in the Southern Palatinate

Day 2

  • Insider’s tip between April and June: an asparagus tour in Bruchsal, D [7]
  • Tip:make a detour to a “Besen”, or tavern, in Kraichgau (free “Besen-App”) or to the Wine Plateau at Derdinger Horn, D [10]
  • Visit the Karlsruhe-Durlach State Winery on the Turmberg, D [11]
  • Dinner at the “LetscheBacchus“ wine tavern in Durlach, D
  • Overnight stay in Durlach’s Old Town

Day 3

  • Wine-themed hike at Eberstein Castle in Gernsbach, D [14]
  • Lunch at Röttele’s Restaurant and Residence in Baden-Baden Neuweier, D [13]
  • City tour and possible visit to the Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden, D
  • Visit the Cleebourg Winemakers’ Cooperative, F [12]
  • Tip: visit the medieval town of Wissembourg
  • Overnight stay in Wissembourg, F or at the “Zur Hofschänke” wine tavern in Winden, D [6]