German Wine Route

Southern Palatinate © Südliche Weinstraße e.V.

The oldest wine route in Germany promises pure enjoyment. This route runs for approximately 85 km through Palatine vineyards past storybook landscapes and charming wine villages. The impressive German Wine Gate in Schweigen-Rechtenbach on the border to Alsace marks the starting point of the route, which takes visitors all the way to Bockenheim on the border of Rhine-Hesse and ends at the House of the German Wine Route.


The panorama is shaped by picturesque vineyards and forms the backdrop for the many wine festivals that take place between spring and fall and invite guests to join in on the celebration. Although the region is especially famous for its Riesling, traditional wineries and innovative winemakers have also expanded their repertoire to include amazing red wines like the prize-winning Pinot Noir. Pinot varieties particularly thrive in the southern part of the region along the Southern Wine Route. The wine route can be easily discovered on foot or by bike and boasts 1,800 hours of sunshine a year. The mild, almost Mediterranean climate not only allows for the cultivation of crisp vegetables like the coveted white asparagus, but also kiwis, figs, and lemons.


  • Wine production: ø 2.09 million hL/year
  • Area under cultivation (Palatinate): approx. 23,400 ha
  • 144 wine communities with 2,000 winemaking enterprises
  • Length: approx. 85 km


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